Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

SUN FOR FREE is a group of solar power experts dedicated to bringing renewable energy to your home and business. We believe strongly in the power and sustainability of solar energy and are driven to give our customers the very best.


SUN FOR FREE is on the leading edge of solar energy development. With production costs down 80% from where they once started there's no better time to make solar energy a part of your world. It's our mission to create a world environmentally safe and give you independence from fossil fueled companies.


Our vision is to ensure that clean energy will dominate the energy sector in Lebanon. The future is now; we strongly believe and know that energy derives from renewable resources, more specifically Solar. Through the advancement of technology; PV systems are now easily available. Due to their low costs and support provided from the governments and non-profit organizations, they are now very affordable for all. Our duty is to shed light on all the benefits you can acquire from installing the Photovoltaic system, and guide you through the process of owning your Own Private Solar System.


We believe that this is the solution you’re searching for and our mission is to help you cut huge electricity costs and benefit from more clean and FREE ENERGY.



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